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Dominic Rascati is an author and communication student from Connecticut. They received a Bachelor’s degree and are pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Hartford.

Outside of academia, sci-fi and fantasy stories are their passion. They take readers on adventures from New York City to a city of monsters.

Writing Equals Experience

Dominic possesses a variety of experience writing and editing for many different projects:

The best writing comes from experimenting with different forms. Each kind of story from novels to podcasts holds value. And as their career grows, Dominic absorbs all these stories have to offer.

They also gain just from lived experience.

A Writer Finds Community

Humans are natural storytellers. We also crave belonging in communities. When those two needs come together, magic happens.

Dominic grew up in a small town in rural Connecticut. Naturally curious about stories, they wrote on their toy train set as a toddler. But there weren’t many creative outlets around.

The Internet changed everything.

Social media gives a home to writers of all ages, cultures, and locations around the world. Whether traditionally published or an indie writer, there are more paths for creatives than ever before.

Dominic is no stranger to that. Their social media presence has given them many friends who they otherwise never would have met. Dominic always welcomes open-minded and insightful new members to the global writing community, especially writers who are marginalized.

As a non-binary and polyamorous writer, Dominic gears their stories to the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. Characters in books help readers identify with heroes like them. While some industries lag behind in representation, Dominic writes so that more people see themselves in great stories.

And there will never be enough.

Whether casting spells or flying spaceships, Dominic writes into being a piece of a better and more magical future. So come along for the ride!

The stories of tomorrow are for everyone.

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